Kat Hall Memorial Wiffle Ball Classic

In 2017, we were pleased to have renamed the Hatboro Wiffle Ball Classic to the Kat Hall Memorial Wiffle Ball Classic. Katrina passed away in August of 2014. During Kat's illness the generosity of our friends and family from the Hatboro Community was overwhelming. Be it donations for medical bills, cooked dinners, cutting our lawns, keeping some sense of normalcy with our children. We promised that should we ever have a chance to repay the community in some way that we would. I know that Katrina would love this event in that it helps a deserving family and brings the community together. The following was written after the inaugural Classic and I hope that it explains why this event means so much to us. 

So this August marked the 2nd year that Katrina McConkey Hall passed. The day she passed, the night of her funeral and last August, I celebrated her life by having our friends and loved ones gather on our driveway. This may sound silly, but it's something that Katrina would have loved. With August coming this year, I struggled for what to do this year and felt as much as Katrina would have loved the driveway hangouts, perhaps there were other options. A friend of mine in a similar situation, raised money for charities, donated items to Hospice and she took it so far as to now give speeches. One night, while chatting she asked me what i wanted to do and i had no answers. 

Fast forward to June, while drinking beer in a parking lot, Ben Barbor told me about this Wiffle Ball Tournament in Sea Isle City. That night we kicked around a way of doing something similar in Hatboro. Also born from that night was the idea that we run it for a local family in need. This was important to me especially as i viewed it in some small measure as a way of thanking the community and family for what they did for my family during Katrina's illness. 

Believe me, I've had many a great idea that perished on the vine after drinking a beer in a parking lot. This one however gnawed at me and with Ben's help, Brian Kirn's steady hand and calming influence this one took root. 

I know that we were blown away by today. There were times on that field today when i had to remind myself to take in the moment. There are so many to thank that i know i'm going to forget some and i'm sorry if i do but i've been in the sun for over 13 hours today. So, thank you John Kemble for the marketing help, thank you Mark Giuliana for the field prep and strike zones, thank you Holly Chiselko Koebert and Joseph Koebert for the food, thank you J P Hall Jr for being a sounding board and keeping my shit organized, thank you Kellie Donohue Zollers, Bonnie Ziegler Martinez (Jose) Ami Kirn, Fred Zollers, Joan Massimilla Pascucci (and friends!) for all that you did today, thank you Hatboro Little League for allowing us to play on your field, thank you Trish Strauss for hauling bottled water, thank you Todd Polin for the bats and balls, thank you Marcus Bagby for keeping me hydrated, thank you to the kids who kicked ass selling 50/50s, being runners, helping breakdown, thank you Bob Sharon Steck  for the photographs, thank you John Coughlin for the beer cozies, thank you to the unknown DJ (reports are that he just showed up!?), thank you for our sponsors, thank you for all that played, thank you Hatboro for allowing us to be quirky as shit.

And thank you to that friend I mentioned earlier who told me when i said i had no idea what to do, 'you will know it when it comes". Man, she was right.